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Our ems company collectively boast over three centuries of electronics manufacturing know-how, headed up by our Managing Director, Paul Macleur.

Camtronics is made up of a dedicated team of Contract Electronics Manufacturers based in the UK. We maintain an industry-leading service founded on reliability, integrity and quality that strives to surpass client expectations.


Paul has worked in the Electronics Manufacturing Services industry for 30 years.

In January 2018, Paul led the Management Buyout of Camtronics Vale from Photonstar LED Group plc, in which he was joined by Chris and Linda.

He spent 8 years at Quantum Electronics where he rose through the ranks from Manufacturing Operator to Senior Test Technician and holds an HNC in Electronics Engineering.

Paul joined Camtronics as Test Manager at the request of his former MD, who was acting as a consultant to the company at that time. 
He quickly progressed to Engineering Manager and went on to perform a broader customer-facing role as Technical Manager before moving to the Operations Manager post and, finally, Managing Director.

Away from work, Paul is a fan of football, Formula 1 and Welsh rugby.  He also enjoys film and is a self-confessed music geek and Popmaster fan, with a formative interest in hi-fi (and mobile discos!) leading to a predictable passion for all things technological.

We are a high quality pcb manufacturer certified by iso 9001. Contact our contract electronics manufacturer for ems solutions today.

We offer fully comprehensive Electronics Manufacturing Services every step of the way to a broad range of sectors and industry partners.



Chris and Linda are the other two members of the so-called Three Amigos who bought Camtronics Vale in 2018.  Both generally operate behind the scenes, rather than front of house.

Chris has worked for Camtronics since the early days and knows the company inside out.  Linda is a chartered accountant who previously held the position of Group Financial Controller at Photonstar plc.

Between them, Chris & Linda hold a vast amount of experience in manufacturing. Chris is electronics through and through, whilst Linda has worked in a number of different manufacturing environments.
In tandem, they are the driving force in the engine room of the company, with responsibility for Production, Engineering, Purchasing, HR and Accounts. Only Quality sits outside their remits in order to maintain independence from Operations.

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Having all worked in the production environment, Camtronics’ expert  Engineering team offer peace of mind to our customers, who value working with people who understand electronics manufacturing inside and out. Our pcb engineering services combine practical and theoretical knowledge with innovation to deliver dependable, quality electronics for a range of applications.

Always ahead of the game, our Engineers have been at the forefront of pioneering technical developments in the EMS industry, such as our adoption of Automatic Optical Inspection long before it became the commonplace process it is today.

At Camtronics, we care as much about your product as you do, and integrity is one of our steadfast values. Technical expertise, paired with a transparent approach to engineering your product means our Engineers will never quote low, then attempt to upsell after the quotation process.

Equally, you can rest assured that your material requirements are under control and in the safe hands of our experienced purchasing team. Whether you wish to work on a procured, free issue or combination basis, our full-service solution is completely flexible to your requirements and supply chain.



Camtronics maintains a highly skilled workforce of Production Operators and Technicians who you can rely on to ensure the product you receive is right first time, every time.

With an extensive portfolio of supported industries across the Industrial, Scientific, Transport, Agritech, Security sectors and more, our expertise is utilised to manufacture competitive, superior-quality products to suit a range of demanding environments.

Adept in assembling sophisticated and custom electronic products, all of our Production team are trained to meet exacting standards whilst ensuring unwavering compliance to your specifications every step of the way.

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We strive to foster open and collaborative relationships such that customer partners form a fundamental part of the team.  We believe this approach is why we enjoy a near 100% customer retention rate and were rated 9.2/10 in our 2023 customer survey.

Our aim is to provide a flexible, hassle-free outsourcing experience to companies with the right ‘fit’. Your products become our products; we become your production department; your requirements become our requirements.

Easier said than done, of course, but many of our customers have been working with us for over ten years, with our longest collaboration now standing at more than 25 years. We consider this testament to our approach of an integrated working partnership. Join us for a coffee to discuss your requirements and how we can look at solving your electronics manufacturing supply issues.




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