Plated Through-Hole,
Coating & Final Assembly

Only a few boards complete their process at surface mount…

Our pcb manufacturing uk maintains a highly skilled team of people to add further value to your products.

All team members are trained to J-STD-001, which allows us to add connectors, cables & other PTH parts to the IPC-610 standard, ensuring compliance to your specifications.

Our EMS is able to offer both lead-free and leaded manufacturing processes, in washable or no-clean options. Lead-free wave solder can also be offered where appropriate.

Looking for quality pcb manufacturing UK? Our mrp softwares ensure the highest level of quality.

Our job doesn’t have to finish when your pcb assembly is complete.

We are able to offer a range of additional services. These include pcb coating, potting, mechanical assembly and other final assembly processes.

We are pleased to discuss a tailored manufacturing solution to meet
your production needs and requirements. From PCBA, through to tested, finished product, our aim is to be your manufacturing partner of choice.

Looking for a manufacturing partner? Make us your pcb fabrication manufacturer today.


Football pitches worth of circuits conformally coated last year

12 km

of solder wire consumed in 2019


screws inserted in mechanical assemblies last year

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