Inspection, Programming & Electronics Testing

All surface mount assemblies are inspected using our Aleader AOI system.

This offers comprehensive placement and solderability error detection at an impressive speed of your smt and pcb assembly.

BGA checks are performed using an ErsaScope, which allows optical inspection under the device. We also offer x-ray as a service, if required.

Through-hole inspection is assisted by the use of a Yestech comparator system which allows rapid checking of device orientation and value.

In addition, our experienced team of inspectors carry out pcb board inspections and visual checks to IPC standards.


PCB design program is available, both on and off-board.

We are also able to carry out a functional pcb test on your PCBA or finished product according to your test procedure.

If required, we are happy to facilitate direct connection of your test equipment to your network.

We welcome a joint approach to testing and are happy to discuss your test requirements.

Camtronics Inspection [334x334]


AOI tests performed on a single SOIC alone


Maximum magnification of our ErsaScope endoscopic inspection system

0.11 seconds

Typical AOI test time taken per component

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