Material Management

EMS solutions on a procured, free issue or combination basis.

If you wish us to procure parts for you, our experienced purchasing team will source parts from across the globe to provide you with the optimal solution to your delivery requirements.

If you choose to free issue material, we are able to help manage this, if required, through the use of our MRP planning system.

Whichever route suits you best, be assured that your material is under control and in safe hands with our electronic manufacturing services UK.


An increasing number of electronic pcb boards are moisture sensitive.

We use pcb protection coating to protect these parts by storing them in a humidity and temperature-controlled storage unit.

If you are free issuing material to us, we have the capability to bake the parts, if needed, to reset their floor clock prior to safe storage in the dry cabinet.

Camtronics Material Management [334x334]


Manufacturer’s part numbers on our MRP system


Purchase orders raised in 2019

5.8 million

Parts received last year

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