Technical capability is the bedrock of our success.

From initial discussions, through to delivery, you will be working with an ems company who understand electronics manufacturing inside and out.

Since 1993, our electronic manufacturing services UK have been at the forefront of technical developments in our industry, providing professional pcb engineering services. We were early adopters of Automatic Optical Inspection processes and were placing BGA and QFN devices long before they became the commonplace items they are today.

Our experienced engineering team have all worked in the production environment, so apply practical, as well as theoretical, knowledge to engineering your product.


Our quotation process is straight forward and will be overseen by one of our Engineers.

The quotation process involves an initial engineering design review, reducing the chances of issues further down the line. We will never quote low, then attempt to upsell.

Once you place an order, your product will pass through our robust New Product Introduction process. This will confirm the material and production resources required to realise your product, as well as defining the processes that your product will pass through.

For the first build, an pcb design engineer will oversee your product through to the point of delivery.

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