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We work using NDAs and offer the strictest of confidence to all of our clients. Some of our clients have given us a testimonial based on the manufacturing that we have completed for them.

A word from PhotonStar

“PhotonStar acquired Camtronics Vale as we wanted to closely manage the processes, environment and all of the materials of this vital stage of manufacturing to ensure that there were no issues that may cause failure or degradation over time. Because our founders come from the LED industry rather than lighting, they had specific concerns in this area. Camtronics have optimised thermal re flow processes and LED placement tooling to ensure the highest quality and reliable LED placements possible. Solder joints are optimised through tight process control leading to extremely reliable lifetime LED performance. Placing millions of LEDs per year (for PhotonStar and other manufacturers), they have unrivalled experience at getting over the specific issues of placing LEDs, resolving them to such an extent that we see typically less than 1 in 1000 luminaire failure rate in the field. Reporting to PhotonStar as a Group – they are unique in being more involved in the total process and can also call on the specific expertise throughout the group. They are able to operate very short runs, but unusually for a company small enough to be flexible, they have invested heavily in the equipment required to deliver higher volume applications as well as small and sample volumes. Their location in South Wales provides for the most competitive UK based services.”

Steve Baxter - Managing Director of PhotonStar Lighting


A word from Curtiss Wright

"We have enjoyed an excellent commercial and technical relationship for 20 years with Camtronics Vale. They have supported us in manufacturing and in continuously developing competitive products that keep us at the forefront of the industrial and automotive industry." 

R.Collins - Supply Chain Manager of Curtiss Wright.

A word from Near Field Solutions Ltd

"Although we do not make any products of our own we have worked with Camtronics Vale for the past 2 or 3 years and have built up an excellent relationship, they have always been keen to help and work with us to ensure that any products made are of the highest standard. As a design company it is important that we receive feedback on designs to improve manufacturability and reduce costs, Camtronics have always been very proactive in and constructive in this regard enabling us to give our customers a better service and a better product"

Glenn Needham - Managing Director of Near Field Solutions Ltd